An alternative to traditional in hospital glucose curves
for our diabetic patients and their owners.

St. Francis is now offering an alternative to traditional in-hospital glucose curves for our diabetic patients and their owners. We know to hear your pet has developed diabetes can be overwhelming, but the Freestyle Libre system can help make the transition much more manageable.

What is Freestyle Libre? It’s a continuous glucose monitoring system that works with a handheld reader. We simply apply the sensor between the pet’s shoulder blades and our clients are able to monitor their glucose from home. 

The system provides convenience for the client and is less stressful for the patient. Plus, as an added bonus, many pet insurances will cover a portion of Freestyle Libre for your pet.

The Freestyle Libre system is also less invasive for the patient. A traditional glucose curve typically consists of obtaining 5-6 blood glucose readings throughout the day in the hospital. That means 5-6 needle sticks. With Freestyle Libre there is only one needle stick and the client is able to obtain multiple readings anytime from the comfort of their homes for the duration of the sensor (10-14 days). That means, if there is a concern overnight that the pet’s glucose may be high or low, the client is able to take a reading. So you can rest easy!

Our friend “Riley” has been using the system and he’s doing great! He still visits Resort with his siblings where the staff is able to take a reading and administer his Vetsulin every day. “Riley” continues to be happy, healthy and living his best life!

If your pet is diabetic and you would like a consultation on Freestyle Libre with our doctors, please call or schedule an appointment.

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