Saint Francis of Assisi

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, I consider Saint Francis of Assisi a hero, and being a veterinarian to be one of my callings from God in this life. I have been blessed by many clients over the years who have made my own career and the careers of those I employ successful and rewarding. The joy of seeing a strong bond between pets and owners, and knowing that we have helped strengthen and preserve that bond is fulfilling…In fact, so fulfilling that years ago, I also founded a non-profit organization called Vets for Pets, with the purpose to strengthen that bond through community events and education. 

There are many people in this country, and indeed in our own community, who have come on hard times and can no longer provide even the basic healthcare for their pets. Unfortunately, skipping preventative care like a visit to the veterinarian, vaccinations, or flea/tick/heartworm prevention can often lead to more complicated, expensive, uncomfortable, and even life-threatening consequences. This is not news to many owners, however, given the choice between food on the table for the family or a visit to the vet for Fido, I understand the tough position many families have been put in. 

This is where I believe there is a need in our community. The doctors and staff at St. Francis Pet Care are donating their time to Vets for Pets to host a “Tending the Flock” day. Let’s tend to God’s flock by caring for the creatures who bring comfort and love to their owner’s lives. 

On August 27th, from 1-3pm at our Keystone location, we will be providing free pet wellness care to people in need. All of the veterinary staff are donating their time and expertise, and we have secured donations from our some of our suppliers including Merial, Zoetis, Idexx, and Dechra. We are accepting tax-deductible, monetary donations to help our neighbors. The funds may be specifically designated for “Tending the Flock” and will be used to purchase additional supplies that we still need for the success of the event. There are 3 easy ways to give: cash/check, Paypal or Go Fund Me. If you are unable to donate, I humbly request that you will keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we prepare for the event and be sure to pass the word along to someone you know that could use a hand.

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