Top 6 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet


November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month. Here at Saint Francis Pet Care Center and Clinic, we see many senior pets and appreciate the special bond that they bring to a family.

1. Age is just a number!

Senior pets provide just as much companionship as younger ones. No matter how long they have lived, most pets are more than willing to be a couch companion or a walking buddy.

2. Older pet in a shelter does not equal a “bad” pet!

Pets are surrendered to shelters for a variety of reasons. Yes, sometimes it is for behavior misfits, but common reasons can also include moves, career changes, allergies, owners who have passed away, and more.

3. What you see is what you get.

From temperament to size to grooming needs, this information can help a family know what life will be like when adopting a senior pet versus a young whippersnapper.

4. Discount shopping!

Ok, this shouldn’t be your main motivation…but many shelters offer discounted adoption rates on older pets since they are often overlooked by adopters.

5. Train less!

Adult and senior pets are more likely to have had a previous owner…and are more likely to have received obedience and potty training from that owner. Built in manners is a huge time saver when getting to know your new family member.

6. Years of life left in the model

Dogs and cats live 10 to 15 years, on average. This can vary based on breed, age, and individual health history, but most 7-year-old animals still have many years of love to share.

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