Peanut is a very happy and loving neutered male kitty. He wants nothing more that to be scratched and rubbed. Peanut was brought to us on several occasions for straining to urinate. He required anesthesia and urinary catheterization to remove the blockage. Upon examination, we found that Peanut’s frequent urinary blockages needed to be corrected by a surgery called a Penile Urethrostomy. Peanut had his surgery performed on August 14th 2013 and is doing amazing. Once he is fully healed, Peanut should have no problem urinating normally. He will need to be on his Urinary S/O diet for life to keep his bladder healthy. Peanut also is inclined to very firm stool and occasional constipation. He is now taking a stool softener called lactulose twice a day, and that seems to be working well for him. He will need the stool softener and, at times, an intestinal lubricant such as Laxatone, for life, to help him defecate normally. Even though Peanut has a few special needs, he is the happiest, sweetest, most cuddly cat we have ever seen. Please help us find him a loving Furever home by sharing his story!

This is the story of Fraggle, a lovable mixed breed dog whose life is changing as you read this. He has a history of a sad past that hurt his body, but not his spirit! Fraggle is about 2 to 3 years old and was rescued from a hoarder by Animal Control along with numerous dogs and cats from a house filled with cages full of feces. He lived his life in a cage without much food and no loving touch and no veterinary care up until his rescue. Because of the many physical ailments, the likelihood of being adopted or placed in a shelter were slim. 

A young dog with a lot of love to share and a great disposition has been brought to our hospital to start his life over. In his short time with us, he has already begun to feel safe when we hold him and he presses his body into whoever is holding him because he can’t seem to get close enough. Fraggle loves being held! He never knew comfort from an embrace until now. He is shy, sweet, loving and looks for security in those who have become forever family and caregivers. Dogs are true masters of forgiveness! 

He is in for a long recovery, but he deserves a happy life after all he has endured. Our hope is that people just like you will also believe he is worth saving.

Follow Fraggle’s progress weekly (sometimes even sooner) and watch his awe-inspiring transformation from a fellow down on his luck to fellow with a happy future.

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Meet Gypsy, a 7 year old Chihuahua that has had the best transformation so far. Gypsy was brought to St. Frances in desperate need of some tender, love and care. She was covered with fleas, anemic, underweight, and suffering from severe dental disease. Medications and treatments were needed right away to prepare her for the much needed dental cleaning and oral surgery. Gypsy not only had to overcome infections, she also had to overcome her extreme fear of the human touch. She was not very trusting of us, but after lots of attention, finally started letting us pick her up. After weeks of medication, she was finally able to have surgery. After examining Gypsy’s mouth more closely and reviewing dental xrays, Dr. Amsberry discovered multiple abscessed teeth that needed to be removed. She lost a total of 15 teeth, and possibly will need to have more work done in the near future. She handled surgery well, and after a few days of recovering, was a brand new dog! She rolled over to have her tummy rubbed, and jumped in our arms for hugs and kisses. She is getting better and better everyday, and warms up to strangers after a little love and affection.