Summertime Safety

By July 15, 2016Blog

Pet Summer SafetySummer is here! While here in Florida, it is generally agreed that this is our less favorable season of the year, many of us still involve our pets in our summer activities. Here’s the scoop on keeping your pet safe when the temperatures are soaring:

-Don’t leave your pet in the car. Pets are just like us and they can quickly get heat stroke or even die if they are left for even a few minutes in a hot car. You’ve probably seen the Facebook info-meme’s. They are accurate. Just don’t do it.

-Water and shade. Repeat. Hot weather quickly leads to dehydration, especially if your pet is playing, running or even walking in it. Provide lots of fresh water and breaks in the shade.

-Boating – Not all dogs can or like to swim, so be aware of your pet’s temperament before taking them out on the water. Canine life vests are available for purchase. Same hot weather rules apply here. Be sure the water is fresh – drinking salt water will only dehydrate your pet further.

-Sunscreen – Dogs and cats CAN get burned by the sun! This is especially true if they are light skinned with a short or light coat. Apply fragrance fee, UVA/UVB blocking sunscreen or purchase a pet specific lotion.

-Lightning – Same rules apply for dogs as they do for people Safe shelter should be provided to pets (preferably indoors!) to protect them when storms are imminent. (Which is pretty much every day in the summer here!) Storms are a topic that affect many pets, so keep an eye out for our next post which will feature some helpful tips for surviving the summer with a pet who has a storm phobia.
-Hot Surfaces – Imagine walking on hot pavement, barefoot. For a mile. Pets have sensitive pads on the bottom of their paws that burns easily. Reserve walks for early morning or late evening or stick to grassy/shaded areas. If your pet’s pads do get burned, seek medical attention immediately.

We hope these reminders are helpful! Remember that we are here for you and your furry family. If you have any questions, we are more than happy to help answer them!