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Thank you for choosing St. Francis Pet Care Center as the “vacation spot” for your pet. Please take a moment to complete the following information.
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St. Francis Pet Care Center retains the right to re-locate your pet for the safety of your pet and/or our Staff.

St. Francis Pet Care Center cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged guest belongings. In order to minimize the chance of lost belongings; please label
them clearly with your pet’s information.

I understand that if I choose to extend my pets visit, St. Francis Pet Care will relocate my pet to the next available location; which may or may not be the
location of my original request.

I understand that, for the safety of St. Francis Pet Care Center Staff, St. Francis Pet Care Center’s Facility and St. Francis Pet Care Center Guests, I am
unable to pick up my pet outside of normal business hours.

St. Francis Pet Care Center hours of 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday and 8 am to 1 pm on Saturdays.
I understand that the staff at St. Francis Pet Care Center will monitor my pet’s behavior to the best of their ability but there are no overnight staff members.
I understand my pet must be free of intestinal parasites and fleas/ticks upon arrival in the kennel. If not, flea/tick prevention will be given at my expense.
Should my pet require any emergency care and I am unable to be reached by phone I authorize all necessary treatments and procedures to be performed
which may include being transported to a medical emergency care facility if necessary. I also understand that cost for such treatments and procedures will be
my responsibility.

St. Francis pet care does not recommend that multiple pets be boarded in the same area. I understand that if I choose to board my pets with other pets, and
injuries occur; treatment and procedures will be performed as deemed necessary by St. Francis Pet Care Centers’ Veterinarians. I further understand that I
will be responsible for the cost of treatments or procedures provided to all pets involved.

In the event of a disaster St. Francis Pet Care Center will do everything within their means to ensure the safety of my pet. I release St. Francis Pet Care
Center, and its representatives, of liability should my pet be injured/lost in the event of disaster.

I understand that if I have not provided my pets own food, there will be a $3.00/day charge for use of the hospitals Royal Canin GI Diet.

I understand that in the event that my pet soils itself during its stay there may be a charge of $15.00 for a clean up bath. This is in order to ensure that my pet
is kept as clean and comfortable as possible.

I understand that my pet must be current for the following vaccinations, prevention, and tests prior to boarding. If my pet does not meet the criteria, I agree
to the necessary treatment plan to bring him/her up to date before boarding.

Biannual Exam
Biannual Bordetella
Biannual Fecal Test
Heartworm Test
Heartworm Prevention
Flea/Tick Prevention

Biannual Exam
Biannual Fecal Test
Flea/Tick Prevention

Please give the following amenities:

Extra Playtime (per romp) $5
How Many Times Per Day?
Pool Splash (per 15 min) $10
How Many Times Per Day?
Pupsicle Treat (per serving) $3
How Many Times Per Day?
Do you utilize our facility for veterinary services?
Does your pet have any Medical Conditions?
Is your pet Currently Taking Medications? If yes, please fill the medication sheet.
Does Your Pet Have Food Allergies?
Can your pet board with other household pets? If No, give reason
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