Meet Our Teeth Cleaning Expert – Amanda!

By October 6, 2015Blog, Services

Amanda - Our Teeth Cleaning ExpertClean teeth are about more than cosmetics. Clean teeth are an important part of maintaining every pet’s health. Spreading this information has been the mission of St. Francis’s own technician, Amanda.

What is one thing you would like clients to know about teeth cleanings at St. Francis?
It is a thorough process start to finish. We love what we do, and treat every pet with love and compassion.

What is the biggest advancement you have witnessed in animal dentistry?
Dental x-rays. It didn’t used to be standard to take x-rays. I have seen MANY cases of teeth that looked fine but revealed a large pocket of infection and bone loss under the gumline. This can be painful and lead to other problems, so I am excited that we can see the whole picture of the mouth now.

What is the most memorable teeth cleaning you have performed?
The most memorable dental cleanings are the rescue pets, helping to give them a chance of being adopted and having a furever home.

What is the most common concern pet owner’s express to you prior to a cleaning and how do you answer it?
Anesthesia. A lot of people are scared to have their pet under anesthesia. At St. Francis Pet Care Center, we use a combination of very safe and proven anesthesia, pain medication and sedation to provide comfort and safety to every single pet.

Each pet receiving a dental cleaning has at least 3 people focusing their attention on him – a doctor, a technician and a technician assistant to ensure that everything goes smoothly and efficiently. We monitor each pet’s heart rate, oxygen level, respiratory rate, temperature, and pain level frequently while he is under and while recovering from anesthesia. Using anesthesia allows for a full dental evaluation, x-rays and cleaning.

I understand it’s scary to have your pet undergo any procedure. We also perform labwork prior to every dental cleaning to ensure there are no surprises with how a pet’s liver and kidneys process the anesthesia. We work hard to minimize any risks for all of our patients.

Have more questions or concerns about your pet’s teeth? We’d be happy to speak with you! Drop us an email, give us a call or stop by!