Meet Debbie, Resort Manager!

By December 22, 2015Blog

Debbie at St. Francis Animal HospitalDebbie is our amazing resort manager. She has been at St. Francis Pet Care Center since we opened 6 years ago. She also worked at this building under it’s previous owner, so she knows our resorts guests, their families and the building itself inside and out. Her love and compassion for the pets is evident in the attentive way that she cares for all of the animals.

Q: How long have you been working with animals?
A: 7 years in the workplace, but I’ve had my own pets all of my life. When I lived up north, I owned and bred St. Bernard Dogs, but stray cats and dogs always seem to find a home with me!

Q: What advice to you have for first time resort guests and their owners?
A: I recommend bringing in their pet for a Day Boarding visit. This seems to help ease animals and owners minds. Also, owners can always call and check on how their pet is settling in. We welcome owners bring in a few personal items for their pet such as a bed, a toy and their own food.

Q: Any special advice for our feline guests?
A: If it is possible to book the stay ahead of time, our luxury suites are well “suited” for cats. This allows the cats a room that is more like home compared to a cage. The cats seem more comfortable there, especially if they are staying for an extended amount of time.

Q: So, we know you have the NOT so fun task of cleaning up after a LOT of cats and dogs, but what is the best part of your day?
A: The best for me is building a personal relationship with the pets and their owners. When time allows, I’m able to interact a lot with each pet one on one. It’s amazing to see all of the different personalities. I have found that the more I give to each pet, the more I get back.